CGG issues new multi-client geothermal resource screening study

CGG issues new multi-client geothermal resource screening study

March 14, 2022 0 By Hydrogen Fuel News

The assessment study results help to spot potential and identify new regions and sites for upcoming developments.

CGG recently released its new GeoVerse Geothermal Resource Assessment study to support evaluating renewable energy source’s potential and to spot new potential regions and sites for future development.

The global study provides insight into opportunities by way of a baseline dataset and analysis.

The baseline dataset and analytical resource evaluation aid was developed to help with the comparison of geothermal resource opportunities for operators, explorers and investors.

“Our Geothermal Resource Assessment study is the second module in our exciting new suite of GeoVerse products in our Earth Data Library designed to support the energy transition, coming after the recent release of our Northern North Sea Carbon Storage screening study,” said CGG Executive Vice President of Multi-Client Dechun Lin. “These data-rich studies capitalize on CGG’s wealth of geoscience data, know-how and data science expertise to address a wide spectrum of applications, from geothermal resource assessment, through critical mineral exploration, to carbon sequestration.”

Geothermal resource - CGG GeoVerse Geothermal image

The study provides a geothermal resource assessment including CGGs existing data and experience.

CGG is a leader in global geoscience technology based in Paris, France. It currently employs about 3,300 people around the world. Its specialty is in providing a comprehensive spectrum of products, services, data and solutions to support its clients in solving complex natural resource, infrastructure and environmental challenges efficiently and responsibly.

The study pulls from the company’s well, seismic and interpretation database. That is combined with CGG’s experience conducting more than 130 projects in this renewable energy sector. Moreover, it applies a form of proprietary methodology for the evaluation of more than 700,000 subsurface temperature points.

The Geothermal Science experts with the company examined high-energy volcanic systems of geothermal energy, in addition to the far more extensive, though lower temperature systems associated with sedimentary basins. Combined, the analysis results offer a substantial opportunity for emerging resources.

The report on the research, and the supporting data from the GeoVerse platform that it contains, make it possible to examine data from within an interactive ecosystem for investigating key questions relating to geothermal resource systems.

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