Gladstone to lead the way in Australian green hydrogen industry

Gladstone to lead the way in Australian green hydrogen industry

July 9, 2020 0 By John Max

The city has been selected to play a central role in Queensland’s future in renewable energy.

Central Queensland’s green hydrogen industry will be led to a substantial degree by Gladstone. The region may have one of the country’s largest coal reserves, but it is rapidly becoming a hotspot for renewable energy.

Australia has launched a nationwide effort to produce more green H2, particularly for export.

The Queensland government has made a $19 million investment into its green hydrogen industry future. The funds are meant to kickstart the projects that will be central in the local effort. Gladstone, a port city in the state, has been tagged as a central spot for the future production and export of H2.

Australia sees a considerable opportunity in developing its green H2 export industry. Ian McFarlane, CEO of the Queensland Resources Council, said that H2 is the renewable energy fuel of the future. “Particularly in the area of transportation, it is where we go when we want to lower emissions to zero,” he explained.

Hydrogen energy future science director of the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), Dr. Daniel Roberts, said that the current decade will be vital to the industry’s development. “Australia needs to really do what it can with large-scale demonstration projects … to make sure we take advantage of this important opportunity,” he said, as quoted by ABC Australia.

The country has already built a strong green hydrogen industry reputation for export product.

“We’ve been doing it now for gas and coal for a long time, we know how to feed those markets and we know how to operate well,” said Roberts.

Many countries, including Japan, Germany and South Korea, are looking to H2 as a renewable fuel to help them to decrease their carbon emissions and meet emission targets. Australia is moving quickly to ensure that it remains in a position to meet the rising demands of those countries.

These countries “are on the record saying they want to have renewable and low-carbon Green hydrogen industry - Australia maphydrogen as a real pillar to decarbonising their economy,” said Roberts, illustrating the promising future of the green hydrogen industry in the country.

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