Go Green With an Environmentally Friendly Motorcycle

March 1, 2014 0 By Press Release

Automobile manufacturers often tout the benefits of hybrid and electric vehicles when they talk about environmental friendliness

Electric MotorcyclesMotorcycles also deserve to be in that discussion, especially as the Motorcycle Industry Council reports that 27 million people have ridden motorcycles and 6.8 percent of the population owns at least one bike. Bikes have several factors that work in their favor, such as good fuel economy and lower base material costs. However, when you want to maximize the environmental friendliness of your vehicle, you have a few additional considerations to keep in mind:

Fuel-Efficient Engines

Look at the fuel economy before you choose a bike. Gas2.com recommends the Genuine Scooter Company Stellar with 140 MPG, and the stylish, handmade Royal Enfield line at 85 MPG for some of the most fuel efficient options on the market. Bikes cost significantly less than cars in most cases, and when you add in the fuel cost savings, your hour-long commute is suddenly far less frustrating.

Low RPM Engines

High-powered engines with that distinctive roar are attractive, but not if you’re going green. You want an engine that is powerful enough to navigate the terrain you’re working with, but there is no need for an engine powerful enough to get into impromptu street racing. The more powerful the engine is, the higher its fuel requirements.

Consider Buying Used

A motorcycle’s carbon footprint starts before it gets to your garage, when it’s in the manufacturing plant. A used bike doesn’t require any further impact on the environment to get it to market. Check out a used bike thoroughly before you purchase it, and pick up replacement parts from a reputable motorcycle parts store if anything needs to be repaired.

Adjust Your Riding Style

Aggressive riding requires more fuel, especially if you’re constantly accelerating and revving the engine. Keep a calmer riding style to maximize your fuel efficiency and lessen environmental impact. DMV.org offers plenty of helpful tips on motorcycle safety, including how to sit on your bike to ensure the smoothest ride.

Developing Technology

Electric motorcycles, much like electric cars, are emissions-free. Gas motorcycles can have high emissions since the smaller motor is less able to process emissions into safer forms before hitting the exhaust. Electric motorcycles also don’t require oil. Zero Motorcycles designs electric motorcycles that are lightweight, with long-lasting power trains and a powerful engine. The environmental friendliness increases further if you get electricity through a company that uses renewable energy resources for service.

Author: Karen Clemmens

Karen knows a few other female motorcyclists, but they are certainly in the minority. She loves to explore the mountains of the Southwest on her KTM.

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