UVM, VGS and GF partner for green hydrogen fuel

UVM, VGS and GF partner for green hydrogen fuel

February 7, 2022 0 By Erin Kilgore

The collaboration added UVM to a partnership between Vermont Gas Systems and GlobalFoundries.

UVM strategic communications has announced that it has joined a green hydrogen fuel partnership with Vermont Gas Systems, Inc. (VGS) and GlobalFoundries (GF).

VGS first contacted GF and UVM early in the winter of 2021 for the purpose of working together.

VGS initially contacted GF and UVM last year, seeking help with research and ideas to transition its operations away from fossil fuel dependency and into the use of renewable energy instead, according to VGC CEO and president Neale Lunderville.

“We reached out to UVM and [they were] eager to push into the field,” explained Lunderville. “It’s become a really, really nice, fruitful partnership with UVM and bringing their experts to this partnership is really raising it for us because green hydrogen used for combustion is a fairly new field.”

VGS was seeking UVM’s participation in researching green hydrogen fuel use. This way, fossil fuels are used neither for the production of H2, nor are they used for the energy needed for operations, explained UVM vice president for research Kirk Dombrowski.

Green hydrogen fuel - Partnership

GF intends to use the collaboration to identify new green hydrogen fuel applications.

GF is seeking new ways to use the renewable H2 within their own heating and manufacturing systems, explained the company’s manager of electrical distribution Jeff Cram.

“I think for GlobalFoundries this is an opportunity to partner with the businesses in the community and help reduce the greenhouse gas footprint that we have on this site,” stated Cram.

Dombrowski also pointed out that College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences (CEMS) professor Dryver Huston will be working on the research along with other CEMS colleagues and students. Huston has already completed a substantial body of research and engineering work with H2, making him an ideal choice to work in this area, said Dombrowski.

“Now I see [hydrogen] coming back, and so we’re just as enthusiastic as we were 10 years ago,” said Huston in a statement upon the announcement of the green hydrogen fuel collaboration. While the project currently remains in its planning phase, by the start of the spring, they are expecting to move on to the research and approval phases.

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