Chile energy goal aims to rival China in green hydrogen

Chile energy goal aims to rival China in green hydrogen

January 5, 2022 0 By Tami Hood

The South American country is aiming to transform its energy presence in the world.

China recently made headlines worldwide by placing a focus on green hydrogen production, but it’s far from alone in this market, and Chile has just stepped up to become a serious rival.

Chile wants to move away from importing fossil fuels and toward the export of renewable energy.

In China, Sinopec announced that it was building a massive green hydrogen facility that would produce about 20,000 tons of renewable H2 pers year. That said, even before the ink from the deals in China had dried, Chile was already announcing its own new project called H2 Magallanes. That project dwarfs the Chinese project, as it is slated to produce 880,000 tons per year in the South American country.

Though this may have appeared to be quite sudden to much of the world, this strategy has been in the works for some time now. Chile has been working its way into the clean energy for quite a while, particularly in its development of solar and wind energy over the last few years. It has also been developing its geothermal, hydropower and bioenergy resources.

Green Hydrogen - Strategy for Chile Energy goals

The Chilean green hydrogen strategy is the latest in the country’s clean power and energy efficiency plan.

The country launched that plan back in 2015. At first, it brought a noticeable though noticeable impact on the wind and solar profile in the country across the five years that followed, according to the International Energy Agency’s data.

Still, even with a focus on producing green hydrogen for both domestic use and as an energy export, it is still expected to be quite a while before Chile can drop fossil fuel-based power altogether. H2 Magallanes is, however, expected to shorten the length of time the country will be reliant on fossil fuel. It will do this by providing a solid model for quickly scaling up the clean H2 production.

If everything works out as Chile is expecting, H2 Magallanes green hydrogen could help to redefine the Chilean economy and make it a renewable energy power to rival China.

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