Fusion Fuel Green and CCC team up for green hydrogen plants in Middle East

Fusion Fuel Green and CCC team up for green hydrogen plants in Middle East

May 18, 2021 0 By Alicia Moore

The partnership will allow the companies to develop the H2 demonstrator facilities.

Fusion Fuel Green PLC (Nasdaq stock symbol HTOO) and Consolidated Contractors Group S.A.L. (CCC). for the development of green hydrogen plants to act as demonstrator facilities in the Middle East.

The companies will work together on projects involving clean H2 production for potential clients.

Fusion Fuel Green and CCC will develop the green hydrogen plants for potential clients in industries such as refining and petrochemicals. The goal is to help companies in those industries to be able to decarbonize.

Through this partnership, the companies intend to start with the development of demonstrator plants in a number of countries within the Middle Eastern region, particularly in Oman, Kuwait and Qatar.

“We are delighted to be partnering with the CCC to open this new market. The Middle East represents a big opportunity and a very promising region for us, given the high levels of solar exposure, strong appetite for green hydrogen projects, and strategic geographic position between Europe and Asia. We are excited to bring Fusion Fuel’s revolutionary technology to the Middle East,” said Fusion Fuel Head of Business Development Joao Wahnon.

The green hydrogen plants will use Fusion fuel’s proprietary miniaturized PEM HEVO electrolyzer.

Fusion Fuel’s HEVO was designed for the specific purpose of being small and lightweight, with the capability for mass production. The simplicity of this proprietary design makes it a versatile piece of equipment in terms of its applications. It can be combined with an existing high-efficiency solar cell and attached to a specifically designed concentrated photovoltaic solar pane.

The Middle East, rich in oil, is increasingly transitioning its future focus to cleaner energy sources. As the world seeks to decarbonize, the energy wealth of the region is threatened in future decades, as countries pursue their carbon reduction targets as components of their climate change strategies.

Though green hydrogen plants remain part of a renewable energy source in its infancy, they are widely Green hydrogen plants - clean energyviewed as promising for providing key sources of fuel in areas once powered by oil. This is particularly true in transport, steelmaking, industry, and other high polluting sectors.

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