Green hydrogen projects power up with Plug Power’s Airbus and Phillips 66 partnerships

Green hydrogen projects power up with Plug Power’s Airbus and Phillips 66 partnerships

October 19, 2021 0 By John Max

The companies are collaborating to pursue new ways to use H2 in the aerospace industry.

Plug Power Inc (NASDAQ stock symbol PLUG) has announced that it has entered into a partnership with Airbus SE (EPA stock symbol AIR) and one with Phillips 66 (NYSE stock symbol PSX) to pursue green hydrogen projects specific to the aerospace industry as well as broader purposes.

The companies will also be working to power vehicles and industry through the use of H2.

The green hydrogen projects collaboration with Airbus aims to discover new ways for powering airplanes with H2. However, it will not stop there, as the companies know that there will also be applications in other types of vehicles as well as in industry, without producing CO2 emissions. The partnership will examine the ways that H2 produced with renewable energy such as solar and wind will be able to power aircraft and airports alike.

Airbus will be offering its insight into H2-powered aircraft while Plug Power will contribute its expertise in designing carbon emission-free H2 infrastructure at airports, according to the partnership announcement made by the companies last week. This aligns with Airbus’ 2035 target for bringing zero-emission aircraft to market.

Green hydrogen projects - airplane wing - sky

The companies will begin with a focus on green hydrogen projects in the aerospace industry before expanding.

Phillips 66 has also partnered with Plug Power. That said, it will be working on low-carbon H2 as opposed to producing the fuel with renewable energy. The goal is to be able to use that technology within the American oil refiner’s own operations. Among its goals for this collaboration include scaling low-carbon H2 in the industrial sector while boosting transport sector H2 fueling, said the companies in a separate statement last week.

Plug Power has been entering into new agreements with leaders in various industries in order to bring its fuel cell technology to a spectrum of applications. The firm has also become the largest liquid hydrogen buyer in the world. These two new collaborations with Airbus and Phillips 66 on blue and green hydrogen projects follows closely on the heels of other similar announcements. For instance, slightly earlier last week, the company announced that it was investing in a partnership with start-up Airflow for aircraft H2-powered electric propulsion system development.

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