Growing geothermal industry in Canada supported by Canadian Oil Service Sector

Growing geothermal industry in Canada supported by Canadian Oil Service Sector

May 4, 2020 0 By Angie Bergenson

A number of groups have come together to employ displaced workers in renewable energy areas.

The Canadian Oil Service Sector has teamed up to provide the growing geothermal industry in Canada with support through a new alliance.

This alliance will promote development in this renewable energy and create jobs for former oil workers.

Thousands of oil and gas drilling contractors and oilfield services workers have been displaced by the pandemic’s impact. That said, this new move to support the emerging geothermal industry in Canada may provide a new opportunity for those contractors and workers to regain employment.

At the same time, this shift could provide a substantial step forward into the country’s goals for an integrated energy system that will provide renewable thermal energy and baseload power generating zero emissions. This shift would decarbonize gas and oil production and be sold to power utilities, municipalities and industries alike.

This move may also provide low cost, high capacity heat through the geothermal industry in Canada.

Beyond generating power, the high-volume industrial heat users can use this renewable heating in a high capacity but low-cost way. The availability of this zero-emission energy source offers substantial direct heating and power generation opportunities. It can make it possible to create new long-term jobs while helping the country to simultaneously slash its greenhouse gas emissions and pursue its climate change targets.

The geothermal alliance includes Clean Energy Canada, the Canadian Association of Oilwell Drilling Contractors (CAODC), the Petroleum Services Association of Canada (PSAC) and the Clean Resource Innovation Network (CRIN). Together, the participants in this alliance are working to promote the development of this renewable energy and heat source and employ as many out of work oil and gas workers as possible.

The reason that contractors and workers can shift from oil and gas drilling to the geothermal industry in Canada is that many of the skills and forms of equipment needed can be adapted from one to the other. Establishing deep geothermal resources involves the use of advanced Geothermal industry in Canada - Oil rigs - oil drillingdrilling technology and expertise. This could use drilling rigs and services associated with them back to work again.

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