Haskel Hydrogen Systems and ATCO work together to boost hydrogen mobility

Haskel Hydrogen Systems and ATCO work together to boost hydrogen mobility

September 14, 2020 0 By John Max

The companies have teamed up to support the Western Australian H2 refueling infrastructure.

Haskel Hydrogen Systems, hydrogen mobility supporter through global refueling infrastructure, has announced that they have been contracted as a supplier for ATCO and Fortescue Metals Group.

The contract is to supply fully packaged refuelling systems for the ATCO and Fortescue H2 Refueller project.

The H2 Refueller project is already backed by the Western Australian Government for its expansion of hydrogen mobility. The project is focused on designing and building Western Australia’s first H2 refueling station. Haskel will take the lead in this project, supporting the ATCO and Fortescue Toyota Mirais fleet. Those fuel cell vehicles are polluting emissions free, emitting only water as a result of their operation.

The H2 refueling station will be located at ATCO’s Jandakot depot. It will refuel the vehicles with green H2 produced by ATCO’s Clean Energy Innovation Hub. Green H2 has been produced there for more than a year, and this project will broaden its purpose by supplying the renewable fuel for transport.

The H2 Refueller project is seen as a substantial step forward in Western Australia’s hydrogen mobility.

Haskel, which recently received its own Toyota Mirai, is behind the development of a spectrum of H2 refueling solutions that it has deployed around the world. It has maintained its own fully operational 700 bar H2 refuelling station in England’s northeast. It will also be launching a more compact plug-and-play H2 refueling station soon. It will be geared toward small fleet customers and. The company will also continue with project demos to continue to move forward on its commitment to driving the adoption of hydrogen fuel.

ATCO Gas Division general manager of business development Kapz Malhotra, applauded Haskel’s technologically advanced product and the company’s spirit of innovation in hydrogen mobility.

“When we first met with the team at Haskel, they quickly understood the scope of what ATCO and Fortescue were looking to achieve in the long term and offered the best product technically, backed with outstanding customer service, which made them the obvious choice as a supplier for our hydrogen refueller,” said Kapz. “Haskel’s innovative products, matched with the hydrogen expertise at ATCO and Fortescue will help us realize our next goal of ATCO-Hydrogen mobility - Haskel -Paul Kapzutilizing green hydrogen to expedite the transition to net-zero emissions globally through supporting the next generation of zero-emission transport.”

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