Hawaii sets sights on renewable energy

Hawaii sets sights on renewable energy

July 25, 2017 0 By Alicia Moore

State aims to become completely reliant on renewable energy in the coming years

Hawaii has ambitious plans for renewable energy. The state has long been a leading market for solar power within the United States. Indeed, this form of clean power is one of the most popular energy producers in Hawaii due to the abundant sunlight that the state received throughout the year. In the coming years, the state plans to derive 100% of its electricity from renewable sources, with solar energy playing a major role in accomplishing this goal.

More utilities are showing support for clean power

The state has struggled to find traction with its renewable energy goal for some time. This is partly due to utilities being somewhat resistant to the growth of clean power. Many utilities have expressed concern that the rapid growth of renewable energy could create price disparities among consumers, with some being forced to pay more for their electricity than others. Now, however, utilities are beginning to change their stance on clean power, particularly when it comes to the use of solar energy. Utility Hawaiian Electric Industries has now embraced the state’s renewable energy plan.

Utility intends to increase its renewable energy capacity

Hawaiian Electric Industries has announced plans to increase its renewable energy capacity to 52% within the coming years. Currently, the utility generates approximately 717 megawatts of electricity from its solar energy systems. In the near future, this capacity will be increased to 1,465 megawatts. The utility will also be investing in other forms of renewable energy in order to meet its overarching goal. The utility intends to derive all of its electricity from renewable sourced by 2040.

Renewable energy could create new opportunities

Hawaii’s plans for clean power could create promising new opportunities for energy developers and other companies. The economic prospects of renewable energy have become very attractive to large companies that have long been reliant on fossil-fuels. States are also showing greater support for renewable energy in order to become more environmentally friendly and make dramatic cuts in the emissions they produce.

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