Honda Clarity Fuel Cell priced to compete with the Toyota Mirai

Honda Clarity Fuel Cell priced to compete with the Toyota Mirai

January 10, 2017 0 By Bret Williams

Honda is looking to compete more aggressively with other automakers in clean transportation

Japanese automaker Honda is preparing to launch its new fuel cell vehicle, called the Clarity Fuel Cell, and the company is looking to compete with others that have already released such vehicles. Specifically, Honda has targeted Toyota as its chief competitor in the fuel cell field. Therefore, Honda has announced that it will be pricing the Clarity Fuel Cell to compete with Toyota’s new Mirai, which is already available in California.

Clarity Fuel Cell lease terms may be more attractive to consumers

The Honda Clarity Fuel Cell is not yet available for sale, but the vehicle can be leased. When the automaker does make the Clarity Fuel Cell vehicle available to all, it will cost approximately $58,490, which is only slightly more expensive than the price of the Mirai. The vehicle will benefit from government subsidies, which will further reduce its price and make it more attractive to consumers. The lease pricing for the Clarity Fuel Cell are somewhat more accommodating than those being offered by Toyota, as well. Those interested in Honda’ fuel cell vehicle can lease the care for $369 a month with a $2,499 down payment. By comparison, the Mirai can be leased for $499 a month after a $4,000 down payment.

Lacking hydrogen infrastructure may slow adoption of fuel cells

While Honda and Toyota see significant promise in the fuel cell market, they will encounter significant challenges in this sector, particularly where infrastructure is concerned. California has become a favored market for fuel cell vehicles, but the state has a relatively small hydrogen infrastructure. The lack of hydrogen stations available to the public may make fuel cell vehicles less attractive to consumers. Both Honda and Toyota are investing to solve this problem, however, with funds being funneled into efforts to develop new hydrogen stations.

Automakers have big plans for hydrogen fuel cells in clean transportation

Hydrogen fuel cells have become a major focus for the fuel cell industry. Most of the world’s largest automakers have plans to launch fuel cell vehicles in the near future, with some already having done so. Fuel cells produce no harmful emissions, making them ideal tools for the clean transportation space. Fuel cells are more expensive than batteries and conventional energy systems, however, which has slowed their adoption considerably.

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