Hyundai backs hydrogen powered cars despite being a decade behind EVs

Hyundai backs hydrogen powered cars despite being a decade behind EVs

December 1, 2021 3 By Bret Williams

The company feels that battery electric technology is far ahead, but hydrogen cars are still worth pursuing.

Hyundai has announced that while it believes that H2 vehicles remain a decade behind their battery electric counterparts, it is still worthwhile to invest in both zero-emission technologies.

The company still plans to continue in the electric and fuel cell vehicle marketplaces.

Hyundai Motor is investing in electric vehicles (EVs) but is also moving forward with both hydrogen powered cars and heavy-duty trucks. Its first electric hatchback will be on its way to the United States in the next few weeks. Moreover, the automaker also unveiled a battery electric SUV last month in Los Angeles.

That said, even as it starts to roll out new electric vehicles, the Korean automaker also has intentions to bring hydrogen cars into the mainstream. Still, it doesn’t expect H2 vehicles to be the most competitive vehicles until closer to 2030.

Hyundai has already said the system in its hydrogen powered cars and trucks is twice as powerful.

The H2 fuel cell vehicles will not only be twice as powerful as its current version but is also 30 percent smaller and will cost half as much. At the same time, José Moñoz, Hyundai chief operating officer and head of its operations in the Americas said that hydrogen cars remain at about the same point in development that battery electric vehicles had reached in the early 2010s.

Hydrogen cars and Hyundai why the are in it for the long haul

“At that time people were still asking, ‘Is this going to happen? This is not true. We don’t have infrastructure. People won’t like it.’ Now there’s (charging) infrastructure; the technology has evolved; the ranges are better; the features are great. And more importantly, people who buy one now say they’ll buy another,” said Moñoz in a recent Forbes report discussing the automaker’s hydrogen powered cars. “Hydrogen is going through a similar phase—the phase of introducing a new technology. But we need better (fueling) infrastructure because it’s still very limited. However, in terms of the reaction by the consumer, when they drive a vehicle that is powered by hydrogen, there is a fantastic reaction.”

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