Cummins to power lift trucks with a hydrogen engine

Cummins to power lift trucks with a hydrogen engine

August 22, 2023 0 By Tami Hood

The company will be collaborating with American heavy industrial lift equipment manufacturer Taylor Machine Works.

Cummins has announced that it has signed a letter of intent with Taylor Machine Works to integrate the Cummins hydrogen engine 6.7-liter and 15-liter models into the Taylor lift trucks product line.

By working together, the companies are seeking to help decarbonize industries that are difficult to mitigate.

Cummins and Taylor Machine Works intend to use their hydrogen engine collaboration to support companies seeking to decarbonize in industries such as wood products, industrial steel, oil and gas, concrete, and port operations.

Taylor has 96 years of experience in supporting companies in meeting their material handling needs for their global industrial customer base, while at the same time concentrating on its own generational workforce and adjacent communities. There are Cummins engines powering over 100 Lift Trucks models made by Taylor for the heavy lift industry.

The hydrogen engine integration aligns with the companies’ efforts to support decarbonization.

Taylor has already been working with its industrial partners on its “Beyond Clean Lifting” commitment. Together, they seek to make lift equipment that meets the heavy material handling requirements of its customers, but that will also positively enhance the communities around them. The commitment they have made is to a sustainable future and places the Taylor Machine Works efforts for low- and zero-carbon solutions development into the spotlight. These solutions are being created throughout its entire product line.

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The Taylor Machine Works products feature a range of technologies, including everything from battery electric trucks to fuel cell vehicles and now the hydrogen engine that use H2 in internal combustion engines (H2ICE).

Working with Cummins

hydrogen news ebook“Cummins is pleased to be working with Taylor Machine Works on hydrogen solutions for their equipment,” said Cummins vice president of highway engine business Antonio Leitao. “We see hydrogen internal combustion engines as a solution to help drive sustainability improvements in our industry. Hydrogen power will help both OEMs and end-users looking to making carbon emissions reductions on their paths to zero.”

The hydrogen engine will provide a zero-carbon solution within cost-effective high load factor, high utilization equipment.

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