Hydrogen fuel cell agreement signed by AFC Energy and Ricardo

Hydrogen fuel cell agreement signed by AFC Energy and Ricardo

January 19, 2021 0 By Angie Bergenson

The deal between the two companies will have a direct impact on global decarbonizing efforts.

AFC Energy has announced that it is has signed its first engineering collaboration with Ricardo in the form of a hydrogen fuel cell agreement.

This is also the second strategic deal the company has made in the last couple of months.

The collaboration is a hydrogen fuel cell agreement in which AFC Energy and Ricardo will develop hydrogen fuel cell products and services. To start, they will place their focus on H2 products and services for marine, rail, and stationary power generation.

The new collaboration is expected to have a direct impact on supporting emission reduction efforts worldwide. This will play into global strategies for decarbonizing energy, transportation, and critical national infrastructure. It will also open the door for AFC Energy to increase the number of its products that use its fuel cell and confirm the commercial and technical viability of those products in this emerging H2 market for power and propulsion systems.

The hydrogen fuel cell agreement will allow both companies to enjoy a string of benefits.

Through this deal both AFC Energy and Ricardo will be able to enjoy benefits generated by using highly energy dense green ammonia fuel (as opposed to hydrogen gas) in a low-cost and readily available way. They view this option as a promising one in remote or off-grid areas of power need, including distributed power generation and international shipping.

“We are delighted to be collaborating with one of the world’s leading engineering houses in Ricardo to fully explore new and innovative ways in which our alkaline fuel cell system can be deployed across a range of industries where traditional reliance on combustion of fossil fuels is no longer seen as a viable or acceptable means of remote power generation,” said AFC Energy plc CEO Adam Bond.

Ricardo director of group strategy and transformation Mike Bell said that the company was working with a number of top Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and industrial partners as they seek Net Zero goal-supporting engineering solutions.

“We also recognise AFC Energy’s specialist expertise in alkaline fuel cell technology, which has Hydrogen fuel cell agreement - Person signing documentshighlighted the potential for low cost, high efficiency alkaline systems in off-grid and remote power environments,” said Bell in praise of the new hydrogen fuel cell agreement.

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