Hydrogen fuel cell bus collaboration begins between Hyundai and Iveco

Hydrogen fuel cell bus collaboration begins between Hyundai and Iveco

October 18, 2023 0 By Tami Hood

The partnership is focused on the E-WAY H2 vehicle which was developed jointly.

Hyundai Motor and Iveco Group have collaborated to create a hydrogen fuel cell bus called the E-WAY H2 through a partnership that has now been consolidated and solidified moving forward.

The companies placed their H2 vehicle in the spotlight when they showcased it at Busworld Europe 2023.

The hydrogen fuel cell bus drew substantial attention at the event, which opened in Brussels, Belgium on October 6. It is an additional vehicle in the Hyundai commercial H2-powered lineup following the Elec City and the Universe.

This new vehicle was built with an Iveco 310-kilowatt electric motor combined with Hyundai’s cutting edge HTWO fuel cell system to power it.

According to Hyundai, the vehicle is 12 meters long and is designed to be a low-floor city bus. It boasts a range as high as 450 kilometers per full refueling. This makes it a practical option for both urban and suburban routes.

The hydrogen fuel cell bus is only the latest of a growing number of collaborations between the companies.

Hyundai and Iveco signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) last year in March. Since that time, they have created joint working groups focused on commercial vehicle technologies. The purpose is to discover and fine tune ways to complement each other’s expertise and resources in the development of battery electric and H2-powered vehicles.

Hydrogen fuel cell - MOU - Business partnership

Last year in September, the companies brought the eDaily hydrogen fuel cell van into the spotlight at the Hannover IAA Commercial Vehicles exhibition, which took place in Germany.

The eDaily Commercial Van

hydrogen news ebookThe van they unveiled last year has a 140-kilowatt electric motor. It was developed through the Iveco Group by FPT Industrial. Its development took place in tandem with a 90-kilowatt H2 fuel cell system by Hyundai Motor.

The van can be refueled in 15 minutes, making it relatively comparable to other 7-ton vehicles that are powered by more conventional fuels such as diesel. The eDaily has a range of up to around 350 kilometers per full refueling, while carrying a payload as high as 3 tons on board.

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