Successfully Conducted Tests on NEW Methanol to Hydrogen Fuel Cell System

Successfully Conducted Tests on NEW Methanol to Hydrogen Fuel Cell System

June 27, 2023 3 By John Max

The new technology will be compatible with tugboats, superyachts and other similar watercraft.

A unique hydrogen fuel cell concept using methanol-to-H2 technology has been developed and successfully tested for a new type of push-boat. That said, it is expected to work just as well on tugboats and superyachts.

The concept development test was a collaboration between Powercell Group, e1 Marine and RIX Industries.

Hydrogen fuel cell supplier Powercell Group worked with e1 Marine, a methanol-to H2 tech manufacturer, in a collaboration with RIX Industries.

The system they created was a first of its kind and was tested during the validation process of the Maritime Partners’ Hydrogen One inland push-boat. That watercraft used a 1.4-megawatt hydrogen fuel cell system as its only source of propulsion chain power generation.

The testing involved a string test. That requires all the key powertrain components to be assembled and tested as a system of the technology. The testing was conducted in Gothenburg, Sweden, on land at the headquarters of the Powercell Group.

“The successful completion of these tests gives future ship owners, integrators and methanol suppliers the confidence they need in this powerful combination of technologies,” said CEO Richard Berkling. “Fuel cells are some of the most efficient ways to extract energy from fuel and we are deploying them at a scale never seen before.”

The hydrogen fuel cell craft is slated to become the first ever hydrogen fuel cell towboat powered by methanol.

Maritime Partners have stated that the Hydrogen One is on track to become the first methanol-powered towboat in the world. It is slated for charter availability in 2024.

Hydrogen fuel cell - Methanol in container

Powercell Group and e1 Marine have both said that the new technology, which has now been successfully tested for a 200kW propulsion chain, is scalable and can be brought up to megawatt levels for use in a spectrum of other types of vessels, such as tugboats, superyachts, and larger types of push-boats.

Successful testing for a promising future

hydrogen news ebook“This rigorous test has delivered exciting results thanks to a great deal of collaboration between equipment suppliers, and the results should be a cause for optimism across the industry,” said e1 Marine managing director Robert Schulter.

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