Zepp.solutions to supply hydrogen fuel cell system to Ab Initio

Zepp.solutions to supply hydrogen fuel cell system to Ab Initio

April 13, 2022 0 By Angie Bergenson

It will also provide an H2 storage solution for the 67-meter-long sustainable training vessel.

Zepp.solutions has announced that it was selected by Concordia Damen and the STC Group for the supply of a hydrogen fuel cell and storage solution for the Ab Initio.

The training vessel is slated to begin service before the end of September this year.

The Ab Initio will be used by the STC Group for practical student training purposes in maritime courses. STC has been seeking to ensure that the vessel would play a role in familiarizing professionals about technology’s future ever since the project’s design began in 2018. This includes sustainable tech, which has been among STC’s top priorities, making a hydrogen fuel cell and H2 storage a solid fit.

The ship is equipped with an electric powertrain. Its deck is covered with more than 200 square meters of solar panels. Since the STC board was aware that H2 would play a vital role in the shipping industry of tomorrow, it determined to implement that same technology in a decision made late last year. Zepp.solutions proposed its solutions to the board and was greenlit on March 31 to supply the equipment as a complete solution.

Hydrogen fuel cell - H2 bubbles - water

Zepp.solutions is looking forward to supplying the hydrogen fuel cell and storage solution.

“We are extremely happy and grateful for the support of the various parties that enable the application of green hydrogen on the new training vessel. We give our pupils and students the opportunity to become proficient in working with green hydrogen during their training.

This knowledge and experience can come in handy during a career in the maritime transport sector that is constantly developing,” said STC Group Executive Board Member Jan Kweekel.

“We are proud and grateful to contribute to the development of the Ab Initio. The cooperation with STC Group and Concordia Damen has so far been fantastic and we are looking forward to working with such a motivated team and driven yard. This project is a testament to zepp.solutions establishing itself as a trusted name in the hydrogen industry,” added zepp.solutions co-founder Jonas Brendelberger in a recent news release announcing its supply of the hydrogen fuel cell and storage solution.

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