Hexagon Purus Maritime’s Ambitious Hydrogen Fuel System

Hexagon Purus Maritime’s Ambitious Hydrogen Fuel System

October 6, 2023 0 By Erin Kilgore

The funding was secured from a Norwegian government-backed organization.

Hexagon Purus Maritime plans to build the first-of-its-kind maritime hydrogen fuel system after successfully securing funding from Innovation Norway.

The company will build a full-scale H2 model.

With the aid of the funding, Hexagon Purus will construct a full-scale demonstration model of the maritime hydrogen fuel system. It will be built in Norway in Langevågen, close to Ålesund.

Hexagon Purus’ hydrogen fuel system model will feature a fuel system equipped with four type 4 hydrogen cylinders, structure and fueling nozzle as well as a piping and control system.

The plan for the demonstration full-scale model is for it to showcase solutions available for zero-emissions shipping. These solutions can be utilized to train operators and engineering students in a safe environment.

“Hydrogen will be an important energy carrier on vessels where the operating profile does not suit batteries,” said Magne Aarsnes, Innovation Norway’s senior customer advisor. “We are eager to support players who are demonstrating the role hydrogen can play and helping to move the industry forward.”

A development center will be established alongside the maritime hydrogen fuel system model.

In addition to the full-scale hydrogen fuel unit, Hexagon Purus will establish a development center for the maritime industry. This center will also be located in Langevågen.

Hydrogen Fuel - Hydrogen solutions for the maritime industry - Hexagon Composits YouTube

Maritime hydrogen solutions – Source: Hexagon Composits YouTube

This development facility will act as an educational space for shipowners, regulatory authorities, engineers, and students to gain insights into the operation of a maritime hydrogen fuel system.

“We hope the full-scale model, combined with the development centre, will educate and inspire innovations that accelerate the adoption of compressed hydrogen in the maritime industry,” said Ingrid Fjørtoft Klokk, Hexagon Purus Maritime’s project engineer.

In the maritime sector, Norway is at the forefront of green energy transitions, with several companies making significant strides in hydrogen-based technologies.

As part of this transition, Norwegian Hydrogen has been focusing on the development and operation of green hydrogen infrastructure, primarily for heavy-duty applications. PowerCell and SEAM have joined forces to deliver hydrogen solutions to two ships operating on Norway’s longest ferry route. Furthermore, the company behind the “Topeka: base to base” concept anticipates their hydrogen-powered vessels will be the first of their kind to enter commercial service.

Another significant player in this field is Torghatten Nord, a shipping company that has commissioned two hydrogen ferries set to serve Norway’s longest ferry route across the Vestfjord from 2025. Norled, another Norwegian company, has launched the MF Hydra, a ferry running on liquid hydrogen. Hexagon Purus Maritime is working on building a full-scale model of a maritime hydrogen fuel system, with support from Innovation Norway. These developments underscore Norway’s commitment to harnessing hydrogen power for maritime applications, setting a precedent for other nations to follow.

The project is underway.

hydrogen news ebookHexagon Purus is a leader in the development of innovative hydrogen storage solutions with lightweight composite tanks which are ideally suited for distribution and onboard maritime applications.

No stranger to the H2 mobility industry, the company already has a tried and tested hydrogen fuel system that is currently in operation on mobility applications, such as heavy-duty trucks and buses, across the globe.

As for its most recent maritime hydrogen fuel system in Langevågen, this project is already well underway, with the official launch of the full-scale demonstration model and the development center slated for 2024.

In conclusion, the ambitious project by Hexagon Purus Maritime, supported by Innovation Norway, to build a full-scale maritime hydrogen fuel system model, promises to revolutionize green energy transitions in the maritime sector. This development is expected to demonstrate viable solutions for zero-emission shipping and provide a safe training environment for operators and engineering students.

The establishment of a developmental center will further facilitate insights into the operation of a maritime hydrogen fuel system. This venture aligns with Norway’s commitment to pioneering hydrogen-based technologies in the maritime industry, setting an example for other nations to follow. With the launch of the project slated for 2024, the world eagerly awaits the outcomes of this innovative endeavor.

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