Complete reliance on renewable energy is possible

Complete reliance on renewable energy is possible

June 18, 2013 0 By Tami Hood

Renewable energy continues to be the target of controversy

Renewable energy has been a tricky subject around the world. In some parts of the world, renewable energy is a controversial matter due to its association with environmentalism and the concept of climate change. In other parts of the world, renewable energy is too much of an economic gamble to warrant aggressive support. The controversy and skepticism that surrounds renewable energy may be dispelled soon, however, due to a new report that suggests that several countries can meet the entirety of their energy needs through renewable sources.

Updated report shows that 100% renewable energy is possible

The Energy Information Administration has issued an update to its International Energy Statistics of Electricity Generation. The constantly-updated report provides information concerning the various aspects of foreign energy markets and the state of energy in several countries around the world. According to the latest update from the Energy Information Administration, many countries can meet 100% of their energy need through the use of renewable energy systems. The report shows that there are currently two countries that are doing so: Norway and Iceland.

Reliance on renewable energy is possibleNorway and Iceland show how to make use of clean power

Norway has managed to meet the electricity needs of its entire populations through a focus on renewable energy. The country has been heavily based on hydroelectricity since 1980 but has recently begun a major transition toward wind energy and biofuels. In Iceland, wind energy and geothermal power account for the majority of the country’s electrical power, with the remained of its needs being meet through various other sources of renewable energy. Both countries rely exclusively on renewable energy sources, and neither has been faced with the significant problems that have been associated with clean power.

Renewable energy may not be as controversial as it seems

Norway and Iceland serve as powerful examples as to what can be accomplished through the use of renewable energy. These countries boast of strong economies that have withstood the financial crises that have emerged in Europe and elsewhere in the world. Both countries may help dispel some of the controversy that surrounds the issue of renewable energy by showing that the transition away from fossil-fuels is neither economic sabotage nor environmentally radical.

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