Hydrogen fuel may be the future of transportation in the UK

Hydrogen fuel may be the future of transportation in the UK

March 26, 2013 0 By Angie Bergenson

Hydrogen Fuel UK

Study highlights the role of hydrogen fuel in the future of UK transportation

The United Kingdom is putting a great deal of effort into promoting hydrogen transportation. The country is home to several hydrogen fuel projects that are highlighting the possible benefits that can be had through the use of fuel cells in future vehicles. The UK government is also investing heavily in the development of a comprehensive hydrogen fuel infrastructure that will be capable of supporting a large number of new vehicles in the near future. The UKH2Mobility Project, which aims to promote hydrogen fuel throughout the UK, has released a new study that sheds some light on the future of transportation in the country.

1.5 million hydrogen-powered vehicles expected on UK roads by 2030

The study predicts that more than 1.5 million hydrogen-powered vehicles will be on UK roads by 2030. The UK’s continuing efforts to promote the prospects of hydrogen-powered vehicles are expected to encourage consumers to purchase these vehicles when they are expected to be commercialized in 2017. While initial sales of these vehicles may be lackluster, the study suggests that hydrogen-powered vehicles will become more popular with consumers as competition in the auto industry increases and a comprehensive infrastructure takes form.

Early adopters may face some challenges

According to the study, approximately 10% of new car customers are expected to be receptive of hydrogen fuel and its use in transportation. Early adopters are expected to face challenges when it comes to fueling their vehicles as a hydrogen fuel infrastructure has yet to take form in the country. Currently, only large cities, like London, are home to hydrogen fuel stations that are open to the public. More stations are expected to take root throughout the country, but it may take the better part of a decade in order for the hydrogen fuel network to reach less populated parts of the UK.

UK to devote resources to establishment of hydrogen infrastructure

The success of hydrogen-powered vehicles is not solely up to the auto industry. In order for these vehicles to find success, they must be supported by governments that are interested in reducing emissions. Without government support, a hydrogen fuel infrastructure may never take form. Fortunately, the UK government has shown strong support for hydrogen fuel in transportation and is likely to devote its resources toward ensuring that these vehicles are, at the very least, moderately successful.

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