New hydrogen fuel partnership takes form in the UK

New hydrogen fuel partnership takes form in the UK

March 12, 2013 0 By Bret Williams

UK Hydrogen Fuel Partnership

Hydrogen fuel partnership takes root in Manchester

A new partnership has emerged in the United Kingdom concerning the proliferation of hydrogen fuel throughout North West England. The partnership is called the Greater Manchester Hydrogen Partnership and comes as part of an allegiance between the Greater Manchester Combined Authority and the Manchester Metropolitan University. The Greater Manchester Hydrogen Partnership is still in its early stages and is looking to attract involvement from organizations that are interested in expanding the availability of hydrogen fuel.

Partnership aims to proliferate hydrogen fuel

The partnership’s primary goal is to drive hydrogen fuel as one of the most popular forms of renewable energy in North West England. This goal aligns with Manchester’s interest in renewable energy and sustainability. The city has been a hub for clean technology and emissions reduction for some time, with the Greater Manchester Energy Group looking to cut carbon emissions by at least 48% by 2020. Manchester City Councillor Neil Swannick has voiced his support for the Greater Manchester Hydrogen Partnership, claiming that hydrogen fuel may be an adequate way to meet the city’s renewable energy goals.

Transportation becoming more efficient through the use of fuel cells

Hydrogen fuel is becoming increasingly common in transportation. Much of the auto industry has shown favor for hydrogen and automakers are developing vehicles that run exclusively on the gas. Hydrogen fuel also has promising prospects in the realm of public transportation, where it can be used as an efficient and affordable replacement for traditional fossil-fuels. Transport for Greater Manchester has been making progress in reducing emissions through the use of wind energy and hydropower, but the organization is beginning to show stronger interest in hydrogen fuel cells.

Partnership expected to be a major benefit to the UK hydrogen market

The Greater Manchester Hydrogen Partnership will focus on promoting the use of hydrogen fuel, as well as efficient methods of production. The partnership is expected to have a powerful impact on the United Kingdom’s hydrogen market. There are several companies that are focused on hydrogen and fuel cells that are expected to benefit from the support that the partnership provides.

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