First hydrogen fuel production plant to be built in Welsh Logan Energy deal

First hydrogen fuel production plant to be built in Welsh Logan Energy deal

February 23, 2021 0 By John Max

The renewable energy solutions provider won a public tender contract with Menter Môn.

Logan Energy has announced that it has won a public tender contract with Menter Môn for supporting a hydrogen fuel production plant delivery, in addition to the construction of a refuelling and distribution hub.

The facility will be built in Holyhead, North Wales in an important clean energy solution agreement.

The Hydrogen fuel production plant will be called the Holyhead Hydrogen Hub. It is being called a first of its kind and has the support of the Local Transport Fund from the Welsh Government, as well as backing from the Isle of Anglesey County Council. At first, the facility will create between twenty and thirty new jobs. Moreover, its construction will help to support more than 500 local businesses. Simultaneously, it will boost the country’s low-carbon infrastructure as Wales seeks to use green energy as a part of its economic recovery.

Logan Energy, a hydrogen production solutions company from Scotland, was selected for the contract due to its solid track record and considerable expertise in integrated H2 technology delivery. The company will head a local business and specialist consortium for laying out the pre-works and development of the Holyhead Hydrogen Hub.

The hydrogen fuel production plant will involve participation from many companies and experts.

Among those taking part in the consortium are Cadnant Planning, Olwg Ltd, Stronachs LLP, and Patrick Bigham, a local environmental consultant.

This move toward clean renewable energy is seen as highly important. The reason is that this industry contributes to approximately 25 percent of the CO2 emissions in the world: the haulage and heavy transport sector. As such, this is one of the areas most in need of efficient, scalable greener energy solutions.

For locations such as Wales, which have set ambitious net-zero carbon emissions targets (Wales’ goal is for 2050), focusing on bringing greener fuels to that industry will be a critical step.

Hydrogen fuel production plant - Construction crane - building plans -To meet the current heavy industry goods vehicles demands in the Holyhead region, the 400kg/day supply rate is expected to be established at the hydrogen fuel production plant in 2023.

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