Hydrogen fuel storage the subject of research from Wake Forest University

Hydrogen fuel storage the subject of research from Wake Forest University

December 20, 2012 0 By Angie Bergenson

Hydrogen Fuel Research Wake Forest University

Auto industry continues to focus on hydrogen fuel storage technologies

The auto industry continues to push hydrogen-powered vehicles, but if these cars are to have a chance of finding success with consumers, advances in hydrogen fuel storage technology may be required. Hydrogen is a valuable source of energy and has been the subject of research for years. Storage has long been an issue with hydrogen fuel, and it has proven to be an issue that has somewhat hampered the progress of hydrogen transportation.

Researchers aim to develop efficient, lightweight storage solution for new vehicles

Mobile hydrogen fuel storage is the topic of research coming from Wake Forest University in North Carolina. Assistant professor of physics Timo Thonhauser has assembled a team to develop a more efficient way to store hydrogen gas for use with new vehicles. The research team aims to create a lightweight, compact energy storage solution that is ideally suited for mobility. Thonhauser notes that one of his primary goals is to alleviate some of the safety concerns that consumers have when it comes to hydrogen fuel storage.

Better storage technologies could ease consumer fears

Common methods for storing hydrogen fuel require the gas to be pressurized. Because of the inherent volatility of the gas, a ruptured storage tank could spell disaster, especially in a car accident. Automakers have been working to develop durable hydrogen fuel storage technologies that would prevent such a catastrophic scenario, but their many efforts have either been fruitless or very expensive. Finding a durable, yet lightweight solution may be what the auto industry needs to help hydrogen-powered vehicles find some traction with consumers.

Researchers may be able to crack the efficient hydrogen fuel storage riddle

Advances in hydrogen fuel storage technology have been promising in recent years. Better storage tanks have helped make consumers more comfortable with the concept of hydrogen as a transportation fuel. Efficient storage methods continue to be an area of concern for automakers, however, as conventional methods are incredibly expensive. Thonhauser and his team of researchers may be able to develop a new way to efficiently store hydrogen fuel.

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