Mitsubishi and PSE partner on hydrogen fuel storage and production solutions

Mitsubishi and PSE partner on hydrogen fuel storage and production solutions

May 5, 2021 0 By Angie Bergenson

The companies are working together to develop green H2 solutions and technologies.

Mitsubishi Power Americas and Puget Sound Energy (PSE) have agreed to a collaboration focusing on developing hydrogen fuel storage and green H2 production.

The development of these solutions aligns with PSE’s strategy for decarbonization.

The agreement between the two companies was signed at the end of last month. It is intended to support the implementation of large-scale, carbon emission-free renewable hydrogen fuel storage and generation into PSE’s service territory.

Among the central points examined in this collaboration will be green hydrogen production. That said, there will also be considerable efforts made for building storage and transportation facilities on top of developing H2 gas turbine combined cycle facilities.

This may involve implementing Mitsubishi Power’s Hydaptive package. That unit provides optimization integration across renewable power, energy storage, and H2-enabled gas turbine power plants.

Mitsubishi Power and Magnum Development also intend to focus on green hydrogen fuel storage.

PSE is a Washington state-based energy utility providing natural gas and electrical power to the Puget Sound region. Mitsubishi Power and Magnum Development intend to develop their production, transportation and storage assets within PSE’s territory within the agreement they had established for green H2 storage at grid scale in Delta, Utah.

“We need leading organizations like Mitsubishi Power who share our commitment to combating climate change and creating a clean energy future that benefits all of the customers and communities we serve,” PSE President and CEO Mary Kipp.

“It is our firm belief that to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2045, we need to develop and deploy renewable energy storage projects of all durations in the decade of the 2020’s,” added Mitsubishi Power Americas President and CEO Paul Browning while discussing the hydrogen storage and generation strategy and the collaboration between the companies and utility. “This means lithium-ion battery storage for short-duration storage, and green hydrogen for long-duration storage.”

Hydrogen fuel storage - H2 on blue background“We believe our customers will be the heroes in achieving net zero carbon emissions in the power sector, and we plan to support them with joint development agreements like this one with Puget Sound Energy,” added Browning.

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