Low-carbon hydrogen production center of Rusatom Overseas and Air Liquide project

Low-carbon hydrogen production center of Rusatom Overseas and Air Liquide project

May 5, 2021 0 By Tami Hood

The two companies are working with the Government of the Sakhalin region in Russia.

The region of Sakhalin, Russia, is seeking to examine opportunities in low-carbon hydrogen, and signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Air Liquide and Rusatom Overseas.

The MoU was signed for the purpose or exploring the production of H2 and the opportunity it offers.

The MoU represents the first steps in the development of a low-carbon hydrogen economy in the region. It focuses on both domestic and overseas market applications.

“The Sakhalin Region is a unique sub-federal unit of Russia. It is located completely on islands, has rich resource potential and successfully neighbours with the countries of the Asia-Pacific region. All this creates special conditions for business development and gives advantages for the implementation of a number of investment projects,” said a statement from the Sakhalin region’s governor, Valery Limarenko.

The region will be involved in this experiment to help prepare the area – and the decisionmakers – to recognize the opportunities available through H2 and its production.

This low-carbon hydrogen agreement is meant to convert the region into an experiment’s platform.

“Today, the Sakhalin Region is becoming a platform for an experiment to achieve carbon neutrality. We plan to launch new investment projects, which, among other things, will contribute to solving this problem. We will be glad to welcome Rusatom and Air Liquide as potential investors if they decide to implement this project on the island,” read the statement.

Limarenko pointed out that the Sakhalin region’s government is working hard to improve the area’s business climate. He pointed out that they had kept administrative barriers to a minimum and had slashed the time necessary for obtaining building permits, registering real estate and registering companies. The MoU has made it possible for the region and the project participants to be ready to work together in a meaningful way.

“We are delighted to explore this energy transition opportunity in cooperation with Rusatom Overseas and the Sakhalin region. This cooperation for decarbonised growth contributes to the objectives of the Sakhalin region to reach carbon neutrality by 2025,” said Air Liquide Russia General Director Marilene Turcotte when discussing the low-carbon hydrogen agreement. She applauded the completion of the Low-carbon hydrogen - Image of shore in Sakhalin, Russiafirst step in signing the MoU and announced the company’s readiness to contribute in supporting the Russian Federation’s energy transition strategy.

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