Ports of Stockholm begins hydrogen fueling station procurement

Ports of Stockholm begins hydrogen fueling station procurement

September 12, 2022 1 By Bret Williams

The investment into the carbon-free H2 is directed at the Stockholm Norvik Port for vehicle refueling.

Ports of Stockholm has launched an investment into hydrogen fueling station procurement for its Stockholm Norvik Port as an initial component of broader investing into H2.

The procurement will include everything from the delivery of the equipment to the location operations.

The Stockholm Norvik Port hydrogen fueling station procurement will include the delivery of the necessary equipment as well as bringing the location into operation for refueling H2-powered vehicles. Moreover, the hydrogen fueling station procurement will also involve the distribution agreement for the H2 itself.

H2 is viewed as one of the central fuels to be used in a future that will transition out of fossil fuel use in favor of zero-carbon emission alternatives. In this particular case, the target set for the Ports of Stockholm is to operate entirely free of fossil fuel trucks by the close of 2025. Furthermore, the Ports of Stockholm’s investment into H2 is a component of a broader environmental goal of operating entirely free of fossil fuels by the end of this decade.

Hydrogen fueling station - H2 Adoption

A solid hydrogen fueling station network will be critical to the widespread adoption of H2.

“Hydrogen will play a crucial role in converting to fossil fuel-free transport, both on land and at sea. This hydrogen fuelling station is part of converting our work vehicles to run on hydrogen and is the first step towards achieving Ports of Stockholm’s goal for our work vehicles to operate fossil fuel-free by 2025,” said Ports of Stockholm CCO Johan Wallén.

The goal is to have the agreement for the procurement established by no later than January 2023. According to a statement released by the Ports of Stockholm, it is working actively and strategically to ensure that its shipping and port operations will be sustainable. It has underscored the ambitious targets it has set on behalf of environmental friendliness.

As the transport and shipping industries are notoriously polluting, efforts such as these will be central to decarbonization. Locations worldwide are seeking opportunities that will allow their operations to reduce or entirely eliminate greenhouse gas emissions.

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