Titan Hydrogen prepares for hydrogen injection system commercialization

Titan Hydrogen prepares for hydrogen injection system commercialization

June 9, 2021 3 By Angie Bergenson

The company is also working on the development of fuel cells with greater efficiency.

Titan Hydrogen has announced its plans for commercializing its hydrogen injection system technology. This tech makes it possible for H2 to be injected into diesel-fuelled vehicles.

This will be occurring as the company further develops the efficiency of its hydrogen fuel cells.

The hydrogen injection technology has the potential to greatly improve fuel economy. Moreover, because it is an emission-free fuel, it would do so while cutting greenhouse gas emissions. This would be accomplished without requiring the entire diesel engine to be replaced in order to allow the vehicle to run on H2.

By pursuing the commercialization of the tech, the system could be installed into a spectrum of different types of application. This would be particularly beneficial to transport, such as buses, trucks, and trains. It could also be beneficial to power generators that would stop hospitals, data centers, remote sites, and other facilities from having to rely on diesel generators so that they can use more cost-efficient H2 hybrids instead.

The hydrogen injection system has the potential to help in two very important ways in the H2 industry.

The first way that the system may be able to benefit the industry is by reducing cost associated to the transition to using the emission-free fuel. The second is with compliance. By using existing diesel-powered engines and injecting the H2 into them, the fossil fuels used are burned more completely. As a result, according to Titan Hydrogen, there is a 45 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions resulting from the use of fossil fuels.

Therefore, there is a reduction in the requirement for diesel in order to achieve the same output. In fact, the company estimates that it cuts down the amount of diesel needed to power the engine by as much as 30 percent. This helps to make the vehicle more cost effective. Furthermore, using this system is recognized as using a fuel enhancement system for diesel engine upgrades, instead of using an alternative fuel.

Beyond the commercialization of the hydrogen injection system, Titan Hydrogen is also seeking to make its H2 fuel cells more efficient. Their latest model can double a vehicle’s driving range, cutting Hydrogen injection system - Renewable Hydrogen News - Pick it up here and save the ocean down on the customer cost and removing the requirement to install as many H2 refuelling stations to keep the vehicles driving.