Hydrogen scooters to be commercialized by APFCT

Hydrogen scooters to be commercialized by APFCT

August 5, 2012 0 By Bret Williams

China identifies APFCT as one of the companies approved to commercialize its hydrogen scooters

China recently announced that a large number of hydrogen scooters had been approved for mass production and sale throughout the country. This announcement comes as good news to Asia Pacific Fuel Cell Technologies (APFCT), a developer of hydrogen fuel cells and manufacturer of scooters. The company has been trialing one of its hydrogen scooters in Taiwan for nearly a year. These scooters have traveled thousands of miles across various types of terrain in order to prove their viability to the Chinese government. This effort seems to have paid off, as APFCT has been announced as one of the companies approved to mass produce its vehicles.

Data shows that scooters have traveled great distances across diverse terrain to earn commercialization

According to the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, which has been collecting data from APFCT’s trial, the hydrogen scooters have traveled more than 120,000 kilometers in urban, mountainous, and seaside landscapes. APFCT launched the first on-road test of hydrogen scooters nearly one year ago. Since that time, the vehicles trialed have traveled more than three times the circumference of the planet.

APFCT aims to provide consumers with high degree of convenience with new shops

Equipped with the approval to commercialize its hydrogen scooters, APFCT has ambitious plans going forward. The company aims to incorporate convenience stores, fuel stations, and scooter shops to provide consumers with a high level of convenience. Like traditional vehicles, the hydrogen scooters will require regular maintenance to ensure their longevity, such as the replacement of hydrogen fuel canisters used to power the scooters.

Hydrogen scooters may be costly but are highly fuel efficient

Though the hydrogen scooters are small vehicles, the issue of cost is still prevalent. Hydrogen fuel itself is not expensive, but fuel cell technology is. In order to recover from the costs associated with manufacturing hydrogen fuel cells, APFCT is expected to sell its hydrogen scooters are a relatively high price. The company notes that this prices is to be offset by the fact that the scooters can travel more than 260 kilometers before needing to be refueled.


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