Hydrogen technologies to provide clean alternative to diesel generators in Australia

Hydrogen technologies to provide clean alternative to diesel generators in Australia

May 24, 2019 1 By Bret Williams

Avid Group is teaming up with Intelligent Energy to bring cutting-edge fuel cell modules to the Australian market.

Hydrogen technologies are being used to help reduce carbon emissions in Australia. A new partnership between Perth-based company Avid Group and the UK-based Intelligent Energy, will see 1.4 kilowatt hydrogen fuel cells supply power to traditional diesel backup generators.

Industrial users will be the target of this new alternative-powered generator.

It is the hope of Avid that providing hydrogen technologies as an alternative to diesel generators will deliver back-up electricity without the associated emissions and noise of the diesel-powered modules.

Hydrogen fuels have benefits over diesel fuels because they produce no pollution when in operation, emitting only water vapor. Moreover, if the hydrogen used is produced from a renewable power source, the added benefit is that there are zero greenhouse gas emissions involved.

“Hydrogen is cleaner, safer and more efficient than diesel. The only thing that the fuel cells emit are water vapour. It makes perfect sense that it is part of our renewable energy mix.” Said Aaron Teo, the Avid Group business development manager, reports One Step Off the Grid.

The company intends to target industrial users, such as telecommunications and mining sites, and the portable generator market, such as entertainment industries and those focused on food.

ARENA estimates that hydrogen technologies could become a $1.7 billion market in Australia by 2030.

This hydrogen fuel growth in the county would not only lead to cleaner energy but would also support the creation of 2,800 jobs, says the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA). The agency recently provided $20 million in grant funding to support the development of the country’s renewable hydrogen export industry.

Demand for hydrogen has considerably increased over the last few years around the world. This has been the result of notable investment in fuel cell technology, especially in Japan.

In its efforts to become a hydrogen society, Japan has pledged to make the 2020 Olympics all about renewable energy, with the primary renewable source being hydrogen. The clean fuel will be used to power the Olympic village, vehicles, and even the Olympic torches.

Japan has certainly made headway in developing hydrogen fuel cell tech. However, Australia has the potential to play a major global role as an hydrogen supplier.

Hydrogen technologies - Australia on globeThis latest hydrogen technologies partnership between Avid and Intelligent Energy will only help to bolster the country’s growth in this particular clean energy sector.

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