Hydrogen vehicle deployment gets a boost from Loop Energy and BayoTech agreement

Hydrogen vehicle deployment gets a boost from Loop Energy and BayoTech agreement

April 9, 2021 0 By Bret Williams

The companies will work together toward their shared goal of viable H2-powered commercial tech.

Loop Energy and BayoTech have entered into a hydrogen vehicle deployment agreement for the purpose of pursuing their shared goal of accelerating transition to the technology.

They will be working together to speed up the transition to zero-carbon emission, cost effective tech.

The companies have announced the joint market development agreement for hydrogen vehicle deployment. This will focus on the vehicles themselves as well as H2 fueling infrastructure. The collaboration between the two companies is focused on removing the complexity involved in H2 electric solution adoption. This is meant to be accomplished through clear strategic direction that is fully actionable in adopting fuel cell fleets and refueling conveniently.

The agreement will have the companies working together for deploying vehicles Loop’s OEM customers have manufactured. It will also involve using BayoTech’s on-site H2 generation infrastructure. Initially, this effort will focus on activities to boost market development with a spotlight on the materials handling, warehouse and port logistics, transit and coach bus service, stationary power, and urban delivery service vertical markets.

This hydrogen vehicle deployment will feed into Loop Energy’s broader Total Customer Care strategy.

That strategy involves a complete portfolio of H2 modules for the purpose of integration of the renewable energy on a 360-degree ecosystem including service providers, fueling solutions and component suppliers. The purpose is to speed up the time to market while decreasing the burdens of product launches for Loop’s OEM customers.

The new agreement between the two companies offers broader support for BayoTech’s goal to provide a clear path to market leading cost of ownership for fleet operators. This will employ the company’s own on-site H2 production solution in combination with Loop’s eFlow technology for vehicle fuel efficiency and performance.

“Fleet operators are facing increased pressure to transition to zero-emissions and our partnership with Loop Energy creates an ecosystem that removes many of the barriers to adoption of hydrogen fuel cells as a solution,” said BayoTech Chief Commercial Officer Stewart Stewart while discussing the hydrogen vehicle deployment strategy. “Both Loop and BayoTech are focused on enabling the lowest cost of ownership solutions to the fleet operator customers. We look forward to building on the Hydrogen vehicle deployment - Handshake - agreement - carfoundation of this important strategic partnership as we continue to work together towards mass-market adoption of hydrogen fuel cell technologies.”

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