Hyundai to test self-driving cars powered by hydrogen fuel in Nevada

December 16, 2015 0 By Bret Williams

South Korean automaker receives license to test self-driving cars in the US

Hyundai has received a testing license in the United States, allowing the automaker to begin experimenting with autonomous vehicles in the country. The license will allow Hyundai to test four self-driving cars, two of which will be powered by hydrogen fuel. The tests will be held in Nevada, with experiments likely to begin in the coming months. Hyundai has become one of the first automakers to receive a license to test autonomous vehicles in the United States.

Two vehicles that Hyundai will test will be equipped with hydrogen fuel cells

Nevada was chosen because the standards the state has for autonomous car licenses are higher than others in the country. This will require Hyundai to make use of progressive technology, which will ensure that vehicles are safer, more efficient, and environmentally friendly. Two of Hyundai’s ix35 vehicles will be fitted with such technology and tested in the state. The two other vehicles that Hyundai will be testing are all-electric versions of the Soul model.

Autonomous vehicles have significant potential to make drivers safe and improve the environment

Hyundai - Hydrogen Fuel Cell VehiclesAutonomous vehicles are beginning to gain more attention in the United States. These vehicles have the potential to make the transportation space much safer for drivers. Self-driving cars remove human error from the equation of transportation, which will likely significantly reduce the frequency of accidents on roadways. Automakers interested in autonomous vehicles have also expressed an interest in making these vehicles environmentally friendly, using hydrogen fuel cells and lithium-ion batteries as sources of power.

Hyundai continues to establish itself as a leader in the clean transportation field

Hyundai has established a strong presence in the clean transportation space, being the first automaker to begin mass production of a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle. The ix35 has been gaining significant support in several countries, particularly European countries, where clean transportation is becoming more important. Hydrogen fuel cells may become a major force in the auto industry in the coming years, as more automakers begin using these energy systems to develop new vehicles.

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