Infrastructure for electric vehicles in California wins more support

November 15, 2013 0 By Tami Hood

Agency announces more funding for the development of infrastructure for electric vehicles

Electric Vehicles CaliforniaThe California Energy Commission has made available a new $6 million grant that aims to further develop the state’s electric vehicle infrastructure. California is already considered a leader when it comes to electric vehicles. The state boasts of more charging stations than others throughout the U.S., and there are several incentives offered by the state government to encourage consumers to purchase electric vehicles. While California’s infrastructure may be more comprehensive than its neighbors’, the state has yet to reach the point where its infrastructure could support the widespread adoption of electric vehicles.

Grants aims to fund the building of new charging stations

The new grant being offered by the California Energy Commission is meant to address several issues that exist when it comes to the state’s infrastructure. The grant is designed to fund projects concerning destination charging, which involves the development of charging stations for medium-to-long distance travelers, corridor charging, which focuses on charging stations along the state’s highways, and workplace charging stations. The grant will also allocate funds for the development and demonstration of home-based charging stations.

Electric vehicles continue to gain popularity

Electric vehicles are becoming more popular among consumers, partly due to the efforts being made to make these vehicles more affordable. Many automakers have ambitious plans when it comes to electric vehicles and some have been producing these vehicles at a rapid place in order to bring them to the market. Electric vehicles have also won support from governments that are seeking to mitigate the emissions associated with transportation.

Infrastructure needed to support mainstream adoption of electric vehicles

Without a comprehensive infrastructure, electric vehicles are not likely to find success among consumers, no matter how popular they may be in concept. There are many infrastructure bolstering initiatives underway in California and funding is likely to be the key to the success of many of these projects. The California Energy Commission has expressed its commitment to funding projects that help solve the state’s infrastructure challenges in an efficient and complete manner.

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