First inland hydrogen container ship launched by FPS and Nike

First inland hydrogen container ship launched by FPS and Nike

June 5, 2023 0 By Amanda Giasson

The collaboration aims to speed up zero-emission shipping.

Future Proof Shipping (FPS) partnered with Nike and recently launched the first inland hydrogen container ship, with the goal to accelerate zero-emission shipping as part of Nike’s road toward zero waste and zero carbon emissions.

The hydrogen-powered barge is operating in the Port of Rotterdam.

The hydrogen container ship is called the H2 Barge 1, and this zero-emission Future Proof Shipping inland sea vessel is charted by BCTN on behalf of Nike EMEA.

Developed by FPS, the 110-meter vessel will serve Nike and will make several weekly trips between the Port of Rotterdam and BCTN’s inland terminal in Meerhout, Belgium. It is expected that this will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions each year.

“This shipping project proves that moving cargo with zero emissions and zero impact is possible and we hope it accelerates the industry to follow in Nike’s footsteps and move to zero,” Richard Klatten, CEO of Future Proof Shipping, said when commenting on the partnership between the two companies.

The deployment of the inland hydrogen container ship is in line with FPS’ sustainability goals.

“We have been working for a couple of years now to ensure we tread more lightly on the planet,” Klatten said.

hydrogen container ship - FPS Maas becomes H2 Barge 1 - Image 2 - Future Proof Shipping YouTube

FPS Maas becomes H2 Barge 1 – Future Proof Shipping

The H2 Barge 1 is in line with the goals of the company, which specializes in offering zero-emission marine transportation services. Over the next five years, FPS hopes to build a fleet of 10 zero-emission inland and short-sea vessels. It will rent these vessels out to cargo owners and logistic service providers.

Klatten stated that the partnership with Nike is a “pivotal moment” for FPS and the future of shipping.

The “Move To Zero” movement.

hydrogen news ebookThe partnership between FPS and Nike also aligns with Nike’s “Move To Zero” movement. This is a company-wide initiative to reduce carbon emissions and provide products to athletes with minimal environmental effect.

According to Nike, using fuel cells and green hydrogen in place of diesel enables the company to enhance the inland barge and, via this hydrogen container ship, create an environmentally sustainable shipping system.

“The H2 Barge 1 is an important example of how we are investing in sustainable progress across logistics and transportation to protect the environment for future generations,” said Nike EMEA operations and logistics VP Eb Mukhtar.

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