JCB moves ahead with hydrogen fuel cell excavator

JCB moves ahead with hydrogen fuel cell excavator

July 6, 2020 0 By Erin Kilgore

The mechanical engineering firm from the United Kingdom has launched a 20-tonne machine.

JCB, a mechanical engineering firm based in the United Kingdom, has announced the launched a hydrogen fuel cell excavator.

The 20-tonne excavator will be powered exclusively by H2 following extensive testing.

The hydrogen fuel cell excavator has undergone testing at JCB’s quarry proving grounds for over a full year, according to the company. This machine, the 220X, has been carefully tested and examined to prove its viability and now the company is ready for its official launch.

“The development of the first hydrogen fuelled excavator is very exciting as we strive towards a zero carbon world,” said Lord Bamford, the chairman at JCB. Using this renewable energy to power the machinery will help the company to complete those operations without producing carbon emissions.

The 220X hydrogen fuel cell excavator was not the company’s first zero-emission machine.

In 2019, JCB also moved ahead to full production level with the first fully electric mini excavator in the construction industry. That machine was the 19C-1E. Moreover, JCB has broadened its electric technology to reach its Teletruk telescopic forklift range. In that area, it has already launched an electric battery powered model, the JCB 30-19E.

Jo Bamford, son of Lord Bamford, had already worked for 14 years at JCB before he made the move into the H2 sector instead. It was at that time that he established Ryse Hydrogen. His next major step in this area was to purchase Wrightbus, a massive bus company from Northern Ireland. Since then, he has been working to supply H2-powered double decker busses to a number of cities, including London and Aberdeen.

As such, Lord Bamford was aware of the advancements being made in the H2 part of the renewable energy sector. This drove him to work with his son for two years in the development of the 220X hydrogen fuel cell excavator. Taking care to follow appropriate Fuel cell excavator - JCB excavator machinesteps for testing, the company is now launching the 220X in what could be an important step forward in renewable energy powered zero emissions vehicles in this industry.

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