New funding aims to support hydrogen fuel cell projects in Europe

December 6, 2013 0 By Erin Kilgore

Organization offers more funding for fuel cell projects

Funding for European Hydrogen Fuel ProjectsThe European Hydrogen Fuel Cell Joint Undertaking, a public-private partnership, has announced the availability of some $30 million in public funding for new projects. The projects that will have access to this funding will involve fuel cell technology in some way. A portion of the funding is being devoted specifically to hydrogen-based transportation projects. The funding will also be used to support projects that make use of stationary fuel cells.

Funding may help public transportation initiatives

Some $15 million has been allotted for hydrogen-powered bus projects in Europe. These types of buses are becoming quite popular because of their use of fuel cells. Fuel cell systems produce no harmful emissions, which is considered quite significant given that transportation, in general, has become somewhat notorious for emissions production. While fuel cells may not be inexpensive, countries are beginning to focus more heavily on these energy systems for the purpose of public transportation.

Stationary fuel cells are gaining more attention

The funding being offered by the European Hydrogen Fuel Cell Joint Undertaking will also serve to support projects that are focused on stationary fuel cells. These fuel cells tend to be somewhat larger than their portable counterparts and, as such, can produce more electrical power. Stationary fuel cells have long been popular for industrial purposes due to their reliability and durability. As more businesses look to reduce the emissions they produce, stationary fuel cells are beginning to attract more attention.

Fuel cells continue to gain momentum in transportation

There has been a great deal of activity concerning fuel cells, and hydrogen fuel in general, in Europe in recent years. The majority of the attention that fuel cells have begun received has to do with their use in transportation. The global auto industry has invested heavily into fuel cell technology and many automakers are set to launch hydrogen-powered vehicles in the coming months.

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