New law brings more support to solar energy in California

October 10, 2013 0 By Erin Kilgore

Governor Brown bolsters support behind solar energy

Earlier this week, California Governor Jerry Brown signed Assembly Bill 327 into law. The legislation is meant to provide Californian homeowners interested in solar energy with more protection against potential exploitation. The legislation is expected to make solar energy more popular among homeowners for this reason and give them more incentive to install photovoltaic modules on the rooftops of their properties. Governor Brown has also directed the California Public Utilities Commission to ensure that all customers that adopt solar energy under the organization’s current 5% program will remain within this program for the entire lifetime of their photovoltaic modules.

5% program will remain for the benefit of consumers

The 5% program is California’s net metering initiative. The program has to do with the peak load energy demand that the state’s utilities experience. These utilities are required to provide customers with credit for the solar energy and other clean power they use, but there is a limit on the credit that can be issued to consumers. The California Public Utilities Commission had been working to put the program to rest by the end of 2014, but Assembly Bill 327 belays the organization’s intentions.

Governor Jerry Brown - Solar Energy SupportLegislation sets new energy standard

Through Assembly Bill 327, the California Public Utilities Commission will be able to pressure the state’s utilities into embracing solar energy. The legislation calls for utilities to produce no less than 33% of their electrical power from renewable sources by 2020. Solar energy is expected to help these utilities reach this goal and the legislation will help these utilities promote solar energy among homeowners.

California continues to make progress on the renewable energy front

California has long been a hub of activity when it comes to solar energy. The state is home to many ambitious solar projects and the state government has aggressive plans when it comes to moving away from fossil-fuels. California has also served as an example of the economic benefits that can be attained through emissions trading. The state has found some degree of financial success through its innovative cap-and-trade initiative.

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