New system combines rainwater with renewable energy to produce hydrogen fuel

New system combines rainwater with renewable energy to produce hydrogen fuel

January 24, 2017 0 By Angie Bergenson

Clean Power Solutions develops innovative hydrogen fuel production system

The United Kingdom’s Clean Power Solutions has developed a new system that can reliably produce hydrogen fuel. The new system is designed to be used to generate fuel on site, which could help some organizations overcome challenges associated with operating a fleet of fuel cell vehicles. These vehicles are becoming increasingly popular, especially in the materials handling space. More companies throughout the world are investing in fuel cell vehicles as a way to become more environmentally friendly and comply with increasingly strict emissions regulations coming from governments.

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New system can generate hydrogen reliably using rainwater and clean energy

The system designed by Clean Power Solutions will draw upon excess electricity generating by renewable energy solutions. This electricity will then be used to power the electrolysis process. Notably, rainwater will be used by the system, reducing its need to have access to an existing water supply. Clean Power Systems has developed the system to be modular so that it can better accommodate the demand for hydrogen fuel production. Currently, the system is already being put to use in the United Kingdom with plans to expand its use to the rest of Europe in the coming years.

Hydrogen fuel production remains a problematic issue facing fuel cells

Hydrogen fuel production has been one of the major challenges facing fuel cell vehicles, and fuel cells in general. Fuel cells have attracted a great deal of attention because of their efficiency and energy production capabilities. Currently hydrogen fuel production methods are energy intensive, however, and they are heavily reliant on fossil-fuels. This has made fuel cells relatively unpopular when compared to other forms of renewable energy, but they have established a strong presence in the clean transportation and materials handling spaces.

Renewable hydrogen production could make fuel cells more attractive

Using renewable energy and rainwater in the hydrogen fuel production process could encourage more companies to embrace fuel cells. The mobility of Clean Power Solutions’ new hydrogen fuel production system will also help companies ensure that their fuel cell fleets have reliable access to the fuel they need to operate effectively. Clean Power Solutions is currently reaching out to other companies in order to determine interest in the new system.

Hydrogen questions answered

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