New York renters could soon have their own community solar energy systems

October 17, 2016 0 By Stephen Vagus

Community solar energy is coming to New York

New Yorkers will so be able to tap into the power of the sun. Renters will have the opportunity to take advantage of community solar energy projects. These projects are designed with a very specific purpose, which is to provide access to clean power to everyone within a specific community. Through a new community solar initiative, energy developers will be able to team with building hosts. Those making use of this community project will be able to use electricity produced by the system for credit on their electric bills.

Sustainable CUNY is looking to make solar power more accessible

Community solar energy was made possible through state legislation, which was approved a year ago. Since the legislation’s passage, no community solar energy projects have been completed, but more of these initiatives are beginning to take form. Sustainable CUNY is one company that is working to make solar power more available to residents, particularly those living in Brooklyn. Sustainable CUNY’s initiative is still in early stages of development, with the company working to connect with solar developers and building hosts.

Solar is gaining strong support in New York

Community Solar Energy - New YorkBeyond community projects, solar power has already gathered significant support throughout New York. The New York Department of Buildings has granted more than 3,150 solar permits so far this year. This is a 350% increase over the number of permits that were provided in 2012. The agency has had to make changes to its permitting system in order to better accommodate the growing demand for solar power systems.

Renters will need to consider some issues before making use of solar power

Renters interested in tapping into community solar energy projects will have some things to consider before they can do so. One issue is whether or not their area gets enough sunlight to make solar power viable. These people will be able to make use of solar maps, which showcase the areas of New York that receive the most sunlight. Another issue has to do with how to pay for solar panels. New York currently offers a wide range of subsidies that are meant to offset the cost of solar installations, which may make these energy systems much more attractive to consumers.

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