Ohio energy efficiency standards in peril

Ohio energy efficiency standards in peril

May 4, 2013 0 By John Max

Energy Efficiency Ohio

States begin revision energy efficiency standards

Several states throughout the U.S. have begun showing more interest in renewable energy, but the support behind energy efficiency is beginning to wane. Over the past few years, energy efficiency has become a major topic of interest throughout the country, with efficiency standards considered a viable way to reduce harmful emissions and save money on energy costs. For most states, energy efficiency standards manifest as using significantly less energy than what has become normal. Because of this approach, efficiency standards have been somewhat less productive than many had hoped; leading states to begin scaling back their energy efficiency standards.

Legislators seek to dismantle standards for utilities

Ohio is one of several states that are looking to become less aggressive with its energy efficiency standards. Though the state has been a supporter of renewable energy, Ohio’s energy efficiency standards have been somewhat unpopular with the state’s energy providers and lawmakers. Legislators are now seeking to dismantle these energy efficiency standards in order to provide some benefit to electric utilities.

Energy providers consider standards to be inappropriate

The efficiency standards charge utilities with providing ways for consumers to reduce their energy consumption, either through the adoption of renewable energy or simply by using less electrical power. The standards call for a reduction in energy consumption by 22% by 2025. These standards were approved by all but one legislator in 2008, but have been a point of contention with the state’s utilities since then. These utilities, such as First Energy Corp., have been playing a major role in encouraging lawmakers to put the standards to rest, or at least freeze them at 2012 levels.

Trade group works to ensure standards remain intact

The Ohio Manufacturers’ Association, the largest manufacturing trade group in the state, has begun fighting the initiative to weaken the state’s energy efficiency standards. The organization claims that the standards have helped save the state significant amounts of money in energy costs. The standards have also aided in the adoption of renewable energy and other energy saving practices in the business sector.

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