Renewable energy companies come together to spur action in the EU

October 9, 2013 0 By Tami Hood

Companies call for more action concerning renewable energy

Several renewable energy companies have come together to co-sign an open letter to the European Union. In the open letter, industry leaders are calling for more aggressive action on the issue of energy. This action is outlined in what the letter calls the Climate and Energy Framework for 2030. The European Union has been an advocate of renewable energy for several years, but the governing body has somewhat loose requirements when it comes to the clean power adoption of its member states.

Framework aims to help renewable energy flourish

The Climate and Energy Framework for 2030 is meant to be a universal, legally binding initiative that calls for European countries to take aggressive action on energy initiatives. The framework is meant to foster a stronger environment through which new renewable energy projects can flourish. Energy companies suggests that more legislative support can expedite the adoption of clean power, helping European countries, and the European Union itself, achieve their renewable energy and emissions reduction goals in the relatively near future.

Comapnies and Renewable Energy - EUEU energy policy may miss its targets

The European Union currently has a “20-20-20” policy when it comes to renewable energy and sustainability. This policy calls for the 20% reduction in emissions throughout the region, a 20% increase in renewable energy consumption, and a 20% improvement to energy efficient, all to be achieved by 2020. These goals are quite ambitious and the European Union has made relatively little progress toward their achievement. This is partly due to the differing legislative environments found throughout Europe. While the EU does require its member states to pursue renewable energy, these requirements are relatively lax.

New framework may help EU achieve sustainability goals

A new legislative framework may be needed in order for the European Union to reach its renewable energy and sustainability goals. The Climate and Energy Framework for 2030 aims to establish such a legislative environment while also introducing a more feasible timeline through which renewable energy goals can be met.

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