Renewable energy projects find success in Scotland

Renewable energy projects find success in Scotland

May 11, 2013 Off By Erin Kilgore

Renewable Energy Success

Scotland on its way to achieving renewable energy goals

Scotland has become a strong advocate for renewable energy, specifically that of the wind variety. Much of Scotland’s enthusiasm for wind energy is tied to the overarching interest that the United Kingdom holds in this form of clean power. Backed by the UK government, Scotland has been able to make strong progress toward its renewable energy goals and is well on track to reaching one of the most ambitious of these goals.

500 MW goal may be reached ahead of schedule

New data released by the Energy Savings Trust, a non-profit organization funded by the UK government, has been released and highlights the progress Scotland has made toward its renewable energy goal. The current goal is to reach 500 megawatts of community-owned clean energy projects by 2020. According to the Energy Savings Trust, there is already 200 megawatts worth of renewable energy capacity throughout Scotland.

Government has ambitious plans in the works

The data from the Energy Savings Trust does not take into consideration the ambitious measures the Scottish government intends to launch in the coming weeks. Scotland has several incentives plans in the works that are being designed to support various forms of renewable energy. These incentives, which are expected to take the form of tax credits or exemptions, are likely to add further momentum behind the growth of renewable energy in Scotland and the northern reaches of the United Kingdom.

Community-owned renewable energy turns out to be major success

Energy Minister Fergus Ewing notes that community renewable energy projects have been a resounding success throughout the country. These projects are particularly well supported in small and remote communities that have traditionally had trouble tapping into the UK energy grid. Wind energy, both onshore and offshore, continue to be exceptionally popular in Scotland, while solar energy and other forms of clean power also receive some support. Communities tend to support renewable energy systems that are best suited to their needs and the abundance of resources they have available to them.

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