Renewable energy utility gains a surge of new customers in the UK

October 30, 2013 0 By Stephen Vagus

Consumers seek out renewable energy in order to avoid higher electricity prices

Ecotricity, an English renewable energy company based in the United Kingdom, recently announced a rate freeze until the beginning of 2014. According to this initiative, the energy company would not charge more for the electricity it produces than it already is. This electricity is provided to thousands of households and businesses throughout the United Kingdom and Ecotricity is considered one of the largest renewable energy providers in the country, as well as its first 100% renewable energy utility.

Ecotricity freezes rates for 2013

The rate freeze was enacted in the wake of reports concerning the countries six leading energy utilities. The utilities have plans to increase their rates by an average of 8%, making electrical power significantly more expensive throughout the United Kingdom. The potential for higher energy rates has lead many homeowners to seek an alternative to the country’s conventional utilities. With Ecotricity announcing its rate freeze, many people have flocked to the company seeking renewable energy.

Renewable Energy - Electricity CostConsumers flock to renewable energy utility

Ecotricity now boasts of more than 77,000 customers, a total that is growing on a daily basis. Many of these people have come to the company because it has decided to freeze its rates through the remainder of the year. The company expects that millions of people throughout the United Kingdom could abandon traditional utilities in favor of renewable energy, even before these utilities introduce higher rates for the electricity that they produce.

Renewable energy continues to make progress in the UK

Renewable energy has established a strong following in the United Kingdom. The UK government has focused much of its efforts concerning clean power on solar and wind energy, but has also committed support to hydropower and hydrogen fuel. The country’s utilities have been somewhat sluggish in their adoption of renewable energy, making Ecotricity one of the most prominent alternative utilities in the country.

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