Sahara Forest Project to take root in Qatar this year

Sahara Forest Project to take root in Qatar this year

March 2, 2012 0 By Alicia Moore

The Sahara Forest Project, an initiative that aims to provide fresh water, food and renewable energy to arid regions of the world, has taken root in Qatar.

The project, backed by various companies and organizations specializing in alternative energy and restoration, aims to enable arid countries to begin the process of restorative growth. Countries like Qatar could benefit from such an ambitious endeavor as it would allow them to become more self-sufficient and provide for their citizens more adequately.

The first Sahara Forest Project plantation will be built in Doha, Qatar, as per an agreement with the nation’s government this week. The plantation’s goal is to revitalize the desert terrain by using seawater greenhouses, solar energy and various other methods to create an environment conducive for plant life.

The Qatar project will cost approximately $5.3 million and could be fully functional as early as December 2012.

The project is ambitious. As such, it has been met with varying degrees of skepticism and support. The Qatar government believes that the project could help the nation economically as it would be able to produce more food and energy domestically. The project will also help the country make use of alternative energy and reduce its reliance on foreign sources of fuel. If the project can make good on its promises, Qatar will be the benchmark for future plantations in other arid locations on the planet.

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