Shell to help expand Europe’s hydrogen fuel infrastructure

October 15, 2015 0 By Erin Kilgore

Existing gas stations in Europe may soon be able to offer hydrogen fuel

Many gas stations in Europe will begin offering access to hydrogen fuel in the near future. Last month, a small pilot project was launched in the United Kingdom, designed to make hydrogen more accessible through existing fuel stations. Shell has now announced that it will be a part of a larger effort to expand the European hydrogen infrastructure, beginning in Germany. The company is also working to develop new hydrogen fuel stations in the United States, France, Belgium, and the Netherlands, as well as several other countries.

Shell to bring hydrogen pumps to some 400 gas stations in Germany

Shell intends to install some 400 hydrogen fuel pumps at existing gas stations in Germany. This will make the country home to one of the most robust hydrogen infrastructure‘s in Europe and could make it the de-facto market for fuel cell vehicles in the future. Shell believes that fuel cell vehicles have promise, but they suffer from the “chicken and egg” problem in that a lack of infrastructure support will mean that fuel cell vehicles fail despite the best efforts of automakers.

UK sees significant growth in the clean transportation sector

Hydrogen Fuel - Image of Shell Gas StationThe United Kingdom has become a testing ground for the development of a hydrogen economy, which involves hydrogen being the primary form of energy. London has been leading efforts to establish the hydrogen economy, with city officials looking to promote clean transportation quite aggressively. Toyota has delivered several of its new fuel cell vehicles to the city and several organizations have become involved in developing a hydrogen fuel infrastructure in London and the surrounding area.

Existing fuel stations could make it easier to establish a hydrogen infrastructure

Establishing a hydrogen infrastructure has proven to be a difficult and costly matter. Building new fueling stations may not be the best solution to this issue, as existing fueling stations may have the capacity to provide access to hydrogen fuel. Equipping existing fuel stations with hydrogen pumps may be the most economic way to establish a comprehensive hydrogen infrastructure.

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