Solar energy continues to grow in Nigeria

January 1, 2015 0 By Angie Bergenson

Nigerian government is working with three companies to bolster solar energy capacity

The Nigerian government has been working to embrace solar energy recently. The government believes that renewable power will create more energy security and help bolster the national economy. To this end, the government has been in negotiations with various companies that specialize in solar energy. Three of these companies have pledged to establish a total of 1 gigawatt worth of new solar power capacity in Nigeria. This endeavor will see the development of large utility-scale projects as well as distributed energy projects.

Companies will be developing large-scale and distributed power projects throughout the country

Solius NGPC, Peoples Home Association, and Solar Force Nigeria have agreed to install new solar energy capacity in the country. Peoples Home Association will be developing 500 megawatts of capacity throughout Nigeria, with Solar Force Nigeria developing 200 small-scale projects that boast of 1 megawatt of power capacity. These smaller projects will provide reliable electrical power to villages and those living in rural communities.

New research centers could help create more jobs in the solar energy sector

Solar energy - NigeriaSolius NGC is expected to develop an additional 300 megawatts worth of solar capacity in Nigeria. The company has not yet announced how this will be accomplished or what type of projects it will be working on for this initiative. The company recently established a trainer center to promote the knowledge of solar technologies. Peoples Home Association has also begun working with universities in Nigeria to create several research centers in the country, which could generate as many as 10,000 new jobs in the solar sector.

Government offers full support for companies developing new solar energy projects

The Nigerian government has pledged its full support to these companies and their solar energy projects. The government will be providing these companies access to the country’s energy infrastructure and will work with the companies to ensure they comply with existing regulations. Solar energy has managed to make strong progress in Nigeria. This year, the country’s solar capacity reached a total of 5 gigawatts.

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