Solar energy gains more traction in India

November 4, 2013 0 By Alicia Moore

Indian state aims to become a leader in solar energyIndia Solar Energy

The Indian state of Madhya Pradesh could become the country’s leader in terms of solar energy. The state has ambitious plans to increase its total solar capacity by the middle of 2015, making it one of the largest producers of clean electricity in India. The state currently boasts of 202 megawatts of total solar capacity, much of which comes from projects that have won support from the Indian government and its overarching renewable energy goals.

India becomes a promising market for energy developers

India has become a promising place for solar energy. Developers from around the world have come to the country in order to build new power plants that take advantage of the sunlight. The domestic solar energy industry has also been booming throughout the country, helping boost economic activity and reducing India’s reliance on fossil-fuels. While India will likely remain focused on fossil-fuels for the foreseeable future, the country has been investing heavily in cleaner forms of power in recent years.

1,400MW worth of solar energy planned for Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh plans to reach the 1,400 megawatt mark by the middle of 2015. If this endeavor is successful, approximately 21% of the state’s electricity will be provided by the sun. The goal is quite ambitious, however, as such a significant increase in solar energy capacity is both costly and time consuming. Without sufficient support from the national government, this initiative may not be able to meet its goals in a timely manner.

Government works to bolster renewable energy capacity

The initiative itself is part of a larger effort from the Indian government. The country aims to have some 4,000 megawatts worth of renewable energy capacity in place within the coming years. Some 3,800 megawatts of this capacity is expected to be fleshed out in 2015. 1,900 megawatts of this capacity will come from wind energy, with much more of this capacity being provided by the solar energy systems that are taking root throughout the country.

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