Solar energy to power all of Tesla’s charging stations

Solar energy to power all of Tesla’s charging stations

June 13, 2017 0 By Alicia Moore

Tesla has plans to use solar energy to power all of its charging stations

Tesla Motors has plans to disconnect all of its charging stations from established energy grids. The automaker is looking to power its charging stations with solar energy systems and batteries. Notably, Tesla has become heavily involved in the solar energy space; largely due to its recent acquisition of sister company SolarCity. Tesla has been adding solar energy systems to its charging stations for several years, but now the company has committed much of its focus to powering the majority of its charging stations with solar power.

Tesla’s Powerpack may help remove charging stations from energy grids

According to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, the company intends to deploy more solar energy and battery systems to its “Version 3” charging stations. Eventually, all of the company’s charging stations are meant to disconnect from established energy grids. Tesla’s Powerpack battery system is expected to play a significant role in this endeavor. The battery system is also used in the residential sector, allowing homeowners to store the solar energy they generate for later use. For charging stations, the Powerpack will serve a similar purpose; storing electrical power for when it is needed.

Solar energy is becoming more important to electric vehicles

Electric vehicles are still somewhat rare, but they are gaining popularity among drivers throughout the world. Several countries are showing strong support for these vehicles in order to promote clean transportation. In order to secure the future of these vehicles, a comprehensive fuel infrastructure is needed. For electric vehicles, this comes in the form of charging stations. Tesla has been instrumental in building new charging stations, especially in the United States. The vast majority of these charging stations rely on the country’s energy grid, with electricity coming from fossil-fuels. Tesla intends to remove fossil-fuels from the equation, relying more heavily on solar energy.

Clean power is finding a place in clean transportation

Solar energy has established a strong foothold in the United States and other countries. In the residential sector, homeowners have shown strong interest in this form of clean power, as it allows them to distance themselves from traditional utilities and save money. Solar energy has struggled to find traction in the transportation space, however, due to its intermittent nature. This form of clean power has shown its value when being used to power charging stations, however.

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