FTI Consulting recommends 15 changes to South Asian hydrogen market

FTI Consulting recommends 15 changes to South Asian hydrogen market

August 19, 2021 0 By Erin Kilgore

The company has published a report with recommendations to boost the adoption of H2 in the region.

A new FTI Consulting report about the South Asian hydrogen market has made 15 recommendations for changes that will support the transition to using H2 and clean energy.

The report includes a request for an integrated H2 and renewable battery clean energy roadmap.

The company’s recommendations for the South Asian hydrogen market include recommendations that cover everything from clean energy policy, transportation and infrastructure, financing, social impact and industrial decarbonization. The report’s recommendations have been submitted to the Indian Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE).

The goal of the report’s recommendations is to help make it possible to accelerate the adoption of H2 across the South Asian region. Among the recommendations within the report is the formation of a national hydrogen-themed energy transition fund. This would be either combined with or be a component of a proposed national H2 energy mission. It would also involve contractual structures for projects at a demonstration-stage and that can be scaled to a national level in the transition for H2 valley type efforts across a spectrum of regions and sectors.South Asian hydrogen market - India and South Asian countries

The South Asian hydrogen market would also include a national electrolyzer manufacturing plan.

The purpose of the manufacturing plan would be to keep a domestic supply chain for electrolyzers, effectively reducing the overall cost of the equipment at the center of H2 production.

The FTI Consulting report goes on to recommend a decarbonization roadmap’s development for the heavy-duty transportation sector. This targets long-haul freight vehicle interventions for hydrogen and electric technology. Such vehicles include those involved in shipping, rail, trucking, buses and port and logistics clusters.

“Energy transition is inter-disciplinary. Achieving a smooth transition will require different stakeholders to actively collaborate on policy design, funding, supply chain development and decarbonising end-use industries and transport,” said FTI Consulting senior managing director in the strategic communications segment Amrit Singh Deo, while discussing the recommendations for the South Asian hydrogen market. “The global leaders who deliberated on these issues have identified some opportunities and risks. An integrated approach between the different clean energy technologies is a consensus view.”

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