Study shows Amazon is lacking in alternative energy efforts

February 4, 2015 0 By Amanda Giasson

According to public opinion, some internet giants need to brush up on their clean energy tactics.

A recent alternative energy survey conducted by Hydrogen Fuel News, found that the majority of survey respondents felt that of the many internet giants featured in the poll – among which included Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Twitter – Amazon ranked the dirtiest in terms of its clean energy tactics.

Amazon has been criticized in the past for not being green.

Last April, Greenpeace released an energy report that criticized Amazon for using dirty energy. In its report, Greenpeace said that the internet giant remained one of the least transparent and dirtiest companies in the internet sector, and was way behind its main competitors. It was also penalized for not reporting its environmental footprint or energy to any stakeholder or source. At the time, the report stated that Amazon heavily relied on nuclear and coal energy to run its services. Greenpeace also criticized Twitter for its lack of transparency about its energy sources, but praised Google, Apple and Facebook for their green efforts.

The recent alternative energy study reveals that the public still thinks Amazon has a notable carbon footprint.

green alternative energy businessIt has almost been a year since Greenpeace’s report, but Amazon hasn’t seemed to have improved its green image in the minds of some of the public, especially not the majority of those who participated in the Hydrogen Fuel News poll. Among the participants, 29.5% found Amazon to be the dirtiest of all the internet giants included in the survey.

Coming in second at 27.9% was Apple. However, this is quite surprising, especially considering Apple is well known for its incredible commitment to renewable energy, which makes one wonder what has caused survey respondents to think of Apple as one of the dirtiest internet corporations.

Facebook ranked third at 21.3% with Google and Twitter following at 13.5% and 6.1%, respectively. It is also interesting that Facebook and Google were viewed as dirtier than Twitter, as both companies have a greener track record than the micro-blogging online social networking service. .

The remainder of the companies included in the alternative energy poll – Instagram, GE and Hypersolar – made up just over 1% of the vote.

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