Toyota shows off new FCV Plus clean vehicles

October 3, 2016 0 By Alicia Moore

Toyota has unveiled its new concept fuel cell vehicle

Japanese automaker Toyota has unveiled a new concept car equipped with a hydrogen fuel cell. The vehicle, currently dubbed the FCV Plus, was unveiled at the Paris Motor Show. Toyota has been eager to showcase its new fuel cell technology, which it has been working on over the past few years. The automaker has taken a strong interest in hydrogen fuel cells due to their efficiency and ability to perform on par with more conventional powertrains for popular vehicles.

FCV Plus can be used as an independent energy system

The FCV Plus is equipped with an on-board hydrogen storage tank, like other fuel cell vehicles. The vehicle can also generate electrical power by consuming hydrogen stored outside of its fueling tank. This means that the FCV Plus can be used as an effective energy system both at home and while traveling. Moreover, the vehicle’s hydrogen fuel cell system can be removed and used as an independent energy generator. As such, the system is not solely used for transportation.

Toyota’s FCV Plus aims to make clean vehicles more efficient

Toyota has focused on fuel efficiency for the FCV Plus. The company has designed the new vehicle to be more aerodynamic and has made use of lightweight materials for development. The vehicle is also equipped with built-in wireless battery charging panels, which allow for intelligent charging. The FCV Plus will also make use of a form of augmented reality. Drivers will be able to display messages on the windshield using this new system. Messages can also be displayed on the back window in order to inform other drivers of the vehicle’s operating status.

Toyota has high hopes for hydrogen fuel cells

Toyota has begun to invest quite heavily in hydrogen fuel cells. The automaker believes that these energy systems could unlock a new and more environmentally friendly and efficient future. Hydrogen fuel cells have also caught the attention of other automakers. These companies are eager to use these energy systems in order to comply with new emissions standards throughout the world while also accommodating the demand for clean vehicles coming from consumers.

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